how fast are you walking?

Walking in nature with a client recently I noticed we had sped up our walking pace.

It symbolises a lot of what’s going on around us.

Everyone is speeding up.

Rushing from one meeting to the other without going to the toilet in-between.

No time to eat.

No time to be human.

We ignore our body’s request for rest.

Distract ourselves from the tiredness with another coffee.

Then wonder why we burn out.

Why we can’t sleep at night.

Why we can’t think strategically.

Why we’re stressed all of the time.

Why everything around us feels like it’s a mess.

A “drowning hole” another client called it recently.

And then it repeats the next day.

You, your loved ones, your legacy as a leader depend on you right now.

It’s a lot on you.

It’s possible to get through this.

Some tips to get you started:

– Find 1 minute and just focus on your exhales making them longer with each one. (Ask me why if you’re curious!)

– Get clear on what you need right now – is it rest? Is it water? Is it to go to the toilet? Give your body what it needs. Reschedule the meeting(s).

– Get outside, in nature is best, but just get out! Breathe out there too.

– Ask someone who gives you energy to go for a walk, tea, coffee and tell them how you are.

– Drink some water and just notice the feeling of drinking the water. Be mindful in the moment and just notice the experience.

I’ve created a document with some additional recovery tips based on the UK model of wellbeing and some of the latest science from Andy Huberman – send me a message if you’d like a copy!

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