are you comfortable in uncertainty?

As a leader, your people look to you for certainty even when you aren’t certain.

The antidote isn’t always to be more certain – that’s a sure path to doing the wrong thing quicker.

Instead it’s flexibility and being able to change your mind.

Learning quickly, unlearning quicker.

Noticing what’s working and doing more of that.

Noticing what’s not working and doing less of that.

It seems simple.

But so many don’t do the basics.

Then wonder why there’s duplication (clear ownership), uncertainty (clarity of vision) and no engagement (give autonomy).

When you have to hold other people’s uncertainty, this creates stress in you.

If this goes on too long, it’s a sure recipe for burnout.

Burnout is not pretty when it happens.

There’s a few suggestions I’ve found helpful and please let me know any others you’d recommend below in the comments!

Create something outside of your work that gives you energy and the ability to be creatively engaged.

Spend time in nature. It settles your nervous system.

Focus on breathing more intentionally, nasal breathing is especially effective and extending the exhale in particular helps your parasympathetic nervous system regulate.

Do some form of movement regularly throughout the week. People go straight for intense workouts, start with walking and mobility. Your 90 year old self will thank you.

Make sure you’re hydrated and fed. When I fast and drink too much coffee, my anxiety builds up. Anxiety in the leader does not scale well – it transfers to others!

Get clear on why you do what you do. Clarity of vision and purpose is powerful to guide your decisions. ‘Make decisions from vision not circumstance.’

Connect with people that give you energy.

Do things you enjoy and you find fun. Your energy is important and you deserve to spend time you enjoy on yourself.

What would you add?

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