when do you play?

Why you don’t play anymore!

I noticed something interesting the other day with Ludi (my cat) and Elvis (my dog).

When Elvis is around, Ludi doesn’t play.

Ludi doesn’t play because she’s thinking about survival.

Elvis is a threat to her.

She’s afraid of Elvis chasing her.

So this will also be true for you.

Whenever there’s moments where you catch yourself not wanting to play or laugh or have fun,

it’s probably because you’re stressed and need recovery.

If you were to focus on recovery in those moments where you’re stressed,

you settle your nervous system despite the ‘threat’ your body takes stress to be.

You don’t have the same threat as Ludi has from Elvis.

You’re not being hunted by a ‘predator’

But your body takes stress to be the same as a predator hunting you.

So this is a perception that you hold of the things that are stressing you out

Or it can be a build up of too much stress in your system over time.

So find time for recovery this week for yourself.

Build in more opportunities to play and have fun.

You deserve it.

And I hope that that’s helpful for you today.

Ludi is settling into relaxing a little bit more around Elvis.

Someday, she might even play!

Have a good day ahead.

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