45 ways to improve your life!

1. Smile more, it doesn’t cost you money and will knock years from your face off

2.Stop thinking about your regrets and start living your life

3.Forgive and forget. Holding grudges is like having excess baggage on a flight. You only end up paying hefty fines for them. So just bin those grudges and travel light.

4. Watch a movie by yourself; you will gain a whole new perspective.

8. Do something you’ve always wanted to do

9. Learn to use technology, it unfolds pleasant surprises everywhere.

10. Think about how fortunate you are and that there are others in this world struggling much harder than you.

11. Always be yourself. There’s no need to put on a show for anyone’s sake.

12. Learn to give.

13. Learn to accept gracefully.

14. Sing in the shower

15. Talk a walk around your neighbourhood and socialize

16. Pursue that dream

17. Sleep when tired. Eat when hungry.

18. Read a book a week.

19. Exercise. Sure way to beat illnesses and cheat old age

20. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make meal times sacred. Don’t talk business. Everything else is rushed enough; take your time with meals

21. Talk to your parents while they are alive. At least you will save yourself some guilt in the future

22. Appreciate what material things you have in your life even if they are not very expensive

23. Don’t lose your temper. You gain nothing anyway and still end up looking stupid after that

24. Wear sensible, comfortable shoes with traction. Saves you tones of money on healthcare in the future.

25. Do not be afraid to dress up when the occasion calls for it. Flaunt whatever asset you have and feel good flaunting them

26. Don’t hold back if something is bothering you

27. Learn to argue less with the people that you love most.

28. Help a total stranger for no reward

29. Keep in touch with old friends

30. Learn to dance.

30. Visit the grave of someone you cared about.

27. Learn to play a musical instrument

28. Test-drive that new car even if you can’t afford it yet

29. Eat some ice cream!

30. Learn a new word everyday

31. Adopt a homeless animal from the shelter.

32. Clean your home and working environment

33. Learn a foreign language

34. Be decisive

35. Face up to criticisms

36. Accept shortcomings and work around them

37. Volunteer your services to causes you believe in

38. Make sure you know how to cook your favourite dish

39. Challenge your limits

41. Shed all preconceived notions

42. Don’t read the newspaper for a week because there’s more bad news than good

43. Climb a mountain

44. Seize the moment

45. Try even if it hurts. No pain, no gain

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