You’ve gotta be bold

It’s been a while and I’m delighted to get back writing here.

I was watching a video on  Youtube of motivator and inspirational speaker Les Brown recently and he was talking about being bold in life.

We don’t get out of life alive, we all die, so why waste time being and living in a mediocre way?? Why not embrace new experiences, adventures, people, places and things while we’re here?

Where can we show boldness? What can I do to live a bold life? Tell someone you want more in life, that you want to have more adventures. Turn off the TV and get out there and do something. Doing something will always be better than doing nothing and watching TV. The XFactor is over now so there is no excuse for not doing something!!

There is more to life than what we are living now. Get out there, be bold, take chances, take action and start living!

To your success,


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