Be that somebody – continued!!



I love this quote. People will always knock you back, tell you you can’t do something, that’s impossible…. the list goes on… 

Enough of that negative stuff! You can overcome all of these. Believe it’s possible and work every day towards achieving your goals…. It takes hours and hours of beating out your craft, of pursuing your passion… If it was easy it wouldn’t be so worthwhile! You can stand  back someday and say you’ve given your all, you had a great time on the journey and you appreciate how far you’ve come!! 

I did a blog here on Being that somebody who stands up for what you believe in… I should add to that to do the things that somebody you want to become would do. Inspire yourself by being this person.

An example of this is something I did tonight. As I’ve said before in another blog I want to do an endurance race called Hell and Back in the new year. Tonight I went training like the kind of person who would run this race! I inspired myself before I ran to make me believe it was possible and that I’d give it my all. 

Believe it’s possible, see the end goal and do whatever it takes to make it happen!! Sweat it out, be the best person you can be and be able to look back and say you’ve given it your all! 


You’ll get there for sure, believe it, see it and then act on it!! Check me out on Facebook here 🙂

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