Keep on keeping on


I’m training at the moment for a cycle from Ireland to Rome. It’s 2000km and I’m doing this for a Cancer charity. I bought a bike 3/4 weeks ago and I’ve been going out cycling a few times a week getting my mileage up. I’ve to be able to cycle 200km a day and for 10 days in a row!!

This is an enormous challenge for me but something that will change me as a person for the better!!

It’s hard sometimes out on the bike, it’s hard to keep going. It’s not easy at 7 getting up in the dark and cold and going out and cycling for an hour. It’s worth it though!! I just have to keep on going… Most people have to go just past the point of giving up to get the treasure. For me I have to go past the point of exhaustion to grow and be able to do more the next day…

Set a goal, write a plan to achieve it, keep your eye on the goal always and overcome setbacks by keeping going despite it being hard!! You will get there!! And I’ll see you in Rome!! 😉

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