Stop comparing and be happy where you are!

You will always find people who have more or better than what you have at the moment. They might have more money, a nicer car, better house or anything.

There is also people who have none of this. People who have no car, no money or no house!

It’s easy to compare ourselves to both of these people and feel better or worse depending on if we have more or less than the other person. Our happiness and sense of worth are external, do I have more or les possessions than the other person, rather than internal feelings of happiness, I am a good person, I make other people happy etc.

It’s important to remember that you can be unhappy with everything and happy with nothing! Having more stuff won’t make you happy, at least not for long!

Happiness comes from being a good person, being nice to others, making other people smile, serving other people and being grateful for where you are and who you are.

A great quote I heard a while ago was:

If who I am is what I have and what I have is lost, then who am I?

Have a great day!

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