5 Minute Coach – Get a coach!

I recorded this video last year and still believe in the message so it’s worth sharing again!

In this video I speak about the benefits of getting yourself a coach. A coach is someone who is on your side, setting goals with you, helping you understand what motivates you, help you understand your values and help you create a plan for your success.

I get coached often and fully believe in the process to help me stay tuned into my goals and dreams and then plan to achieve my goals!

Most coaching sessions follow certain models of coaching – the one I always try to use as a rough structure for coaching sessions is the GROW model of coaching. Each of the letters stand for something:

G – Goal
R – Reality
O – Options
W – Way forward

There’s a reason Goal is first – this puts you focused on what you want, without limitations, without doubts, without your head getting in the way. This is like no limit thinking – so what would you set as a goal if there were no limits? Starting from this point is powerful! So you’ll set goals and then move the next step – Reality.

Reality – is where you’re at or what you’re currently achieving. This looks at the reality of where you are, and gives you a starting point to look at what you’ve got going on, what skills, talents etc. that you already have that you can build on.

Options – this looks at the list of things you COULD do to help you towards your goals, looks at the people you could speak to, the skills you could learn, the help you could ask for etc. This moves on nicely to the Way forward.

Way forward – which of the options are you ACTUALLY going to do. Which plan are you going to choose to move towards your goals and what are you committed to doing. This plan is agreed with your coach and they will hold you accountable for taking action and checking in and seeing how you’re getting on.

I think it comes down to: What do you want? Where are you now? What could you do? What are you going to do?

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