Groundhog Day

One of the key areas that has a massive impact on the quality of our lives and how we feel our life is going, is the daily routines that we fall into.

Routines can be useful when they are intentionally created – morning routines where you work on your key goals and projects for example – is a useful routine to have.

Other routines are more unconscious and something we don’t choose, we just fall into without realising.

If your day is similar enough that it feels routine, you could get to the end of your life having lived just one day.

Just one day.

If you got to the end of your life and felt like you only lived one day, imagine how that would feel?





Instead, find ways to shake yourself out of routine so that you can create more moments for yourself and your life.

Something you could try that helps is leave your comfort zone more often.

Do something new everyday for 100 days.

Learn what it feels like to be outside routine and outside your comfort zone.

Find more challenges where you will learn and grow.

Reflect and remember all the good times you’ve had and are creating, instead of letting them just pass by.

Groundhog Day is a movie. Don’t let it be your life movie.

If you want more control, more focus and more challenge in becoming your best self, get in touch.

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