Hold beliefs lightly

“The more you let a single belief define you, the less capable you are of adapting when life challenges you. ” Atomic Habits by James Clear

Our beliefs about ourself are typically built over time through our experiences and from our need for approval from our parents or peer groups.

I always imagine a belief like the part of the chair you sit on.

If the legs underneath are strong (lots of evidence to support the belief) then it (the belief) feels sturdy.

If we remove the legs, it (the belief) becomes less sturdy.

If we are held to a belief like: “I always care more about others more than myself”, when increased challenges come your way and you’re not looking after yourself, you will struggle because of holding onto this belief.

If we hold onto the belief: “I could never do that,” and it happens that you have to do “that” then your belief will hold you back from the possibility you can do it and you’ll find it more difficult.

Hold onto beliefs lightly.

Be willing to be wrong.

Be willing to upgrade your beliefs to ones that serve you, not just define you.

Be willing to be kind to yourself.

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