Ever feel like you’re caught in the web?

Have you ever felt like the image on the left?

You’re stressed about lots of the things you have to do.

You’re overwhelmed at the amount of things but you’re also uncertain about what to do.

This leads to “simple stories” we tell about the jumble of things – IF I do X, then I’ll have no problems.

We might be putting on weight so we jump to something “quick” and simple like it must be Keto to fix this or carbs are the enemy.

Simple stories are easy to default to when our world gets complicated.

You’re caught in this web and it’s really hard to see anything clearly.

Plus you’ve no time to think!

Some of my work is to help people move to the right hand side.

You see things clearer because you’ve separated yourself from the web.

You see priorities and you also see lots of the noise that you start to say no to which frees up time.

You’re not overwhelmed because we spend time on getting so clear on what’s important other things fall off the to do list.

You see there’s not one right answer to solve everything, there might be many but that’s ok too.

You realise what you’re experiencing isn’t a jumble of emotions but individual emotions over a day or week and can recognise each as they come along and you realise emotions serve a purpose – to get you to change something (action signals) or send you insight when making decisions.

You realise it starts with you, how you see other people and how you interact with the world.

And you get to be who you are.

Someone you’ve forgotten in the web and instead you had become who people needed you to be.

We need you, as you. You’re doing great.

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