You can’t luck yourself to success

You can’t “luck” your way to success so please don’t wait for luck to kick in.

I don’t believe in luck.

I believe in the right action, at the right time.

The most successful people I coach take responsibility for everything in life.

That includes negative things, not just the positive.

Luck is normally only linked to positive things.

You don’t say “I’m so lucky I spilled red wine on this white shirt before a presentation.” right?!

Don’t wait for luck.

Or at least rethink luck:

Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

Preparation is your 10,000 hours that no one sees.

Don’t be afraid to practice building the skills needed along the way, getting feedback and improving.

Be open to being wrong, and support yourself when you “fail” – it’s really feedback of what didn’t work.

If you want to reduce the 10,000 hours in building your mindset, send me a message or get yourself a coach.

I can save you some of those 10,000 hours.

A coach is the best investment in myself I’ve ever made, and I have a few I’m working with at the moment.

This image is from Malahide Castle – scariest looking leprechaun I’ve seen 😂

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