Stand guard at the door of your mind.

Everyday, you consume so much information consciously and unconsciously.

Have you ever noticed you’re angry or frustrated and you weren’t sure what was causing it?

It can often be something you experienced and didn’t get to process properly, which means the loop doesn’t get to close.

It can also be information you’ve consumed and it’s caused “vicarious trauma” if you see violent or bad things happening to other people.

These micro traumas cause your body to go into fight, flight or freeze and so your brain literally shuts down and becomes more aggressive.

This happens multiple times and builds up in your system.

What you consume, who you interact with and what you experience in your day matters.

Surround yourself with people, information and experiences that help you to become better rather than bringing you back down to your most basic part of yourself.

What do you think? How do you filter information?

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