What decision do you need to make but aren’t?

Getting stuck between a rock and a hard place is a difficult place to be.

Moving forward means making decisions as options present themselves to you.

Decision comes from the Latin word, decidere, which is a combination of two words: de = ‘OFF’ + caedere = ‘CUT’

You must decide to cut off options.

This feels painful, produces fear and is the reason staying stuck initially feels better because we’re not cutting anything off.

We’re keeping our options open.

But by doing this, we stay stuck.

We lose any momentum.

Overtime, the pain of being the same, staying in the same place becomes unbearable.

When you have a choice ahead of you, there are 2 possibilities.

For example:

Let’s say you had an important presentation to do and you were really nervous and afraid of messing up.

Option 1 is an action towards a future where you do the presentation and build the experience and the feelings of leaning into discomfort and overcoming it.

Option 2 is doing nothing and you remain the person who is nervous but never faces it, never feeling fully alive.

Both of those options in front of you gives you a choice.

Both mean cutting off the other possibility.

Make decisions from future vision NOT current circumstances.

Which future you prefer should guide the decision rather than the current feelings you’re experiencing.

If you waited until you felt confident, ready or motivated, you’ll be waiting.

You must decide.

It’ll avoid being and staying stuck.

The feeling of stuck is horrible.

Instead, movement, momentum and taking action feels great.

Life is moving along, time too…

If you want to feel more of those things and want support as you make decisions, send me a message!

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