life in balance?!

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving forward.” Einstein.

Feeling like your life is in balance is not something that you arrive at perfectly.

If you waited until perfect, you’ll actually fall over because you’d stop moving.

Analysis paralysis.

Balance is something that changes consistently – like water in a bottle.

There’s no ‘arriving’ at perfect balance.


Accept that balance is achieved through making multiple small adjustments on the way rather than leaning one way too much

And falling over.

The pain of falling over can be a great motivator to change behaviour but it can also be a reason we don’t move forward at all.

The fear of falling is one of our most deeply ingrained fears.

Instead, I’d rather you chose to change proactively because you wanted to rather than felt you had to.

This proactive choice to change feels totally different.

AND it will actually mean behaviour change will be longer term and more successful.

When you get clear on this ideal self and your starting point, choosing to learn and then experiment with supportive people around you.

This is the secret to meaningful long term change.

In the direction you want.

Rather than have to go.

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