15 minutes a day to improve your life

If you can improve how you use 15 minutes everyday, you can change the direction of your life.

Massive changes are normally done inconsistently.

“New year, new me” is an example – once a year will not change the direction of your life.

Sorry, not sorry.


Figure out 15 minutes you can dedicate to ‘new.’

New thought or behaviour.

Do that thing or things in the 15 minute block.

Examples I’ve tried:

– Drink an extra 2x glasses of water a day
– Pay attention to my breathing
– Plan out my next day so I’m clearer
– Ring a friend or loved one
– Do mobility work before and after a workout
– Use coaching questions focused on what I want in my life
– Spend time thinking about what I’m grateful for right now
– Read one page of a book

These are small.

They seem too insignificant to make an impact.

But give it a year, 15 minutes a day = 5,475

Or a decade, 15 minutes a day = 54, 750

These things compound given enough time.

All in 15 minutes a day.

What will you try improve?

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