what advice would you give?

What advice would you give to someone performing at the highest levels but paralysed by fear?

The person I sent this to was literally performing on the world stage a few years ago at the highest level and I’m lucky to be working with them.

I sent this recently because despite their success, they feel so much fear.

This fear is holding them back from making changes and growing.

This is so common.

People with an amazing amount of abilities held back by fear.

Paralysed by fear.

Holding them back from expressing themselves fully.

If that continues for too long, depression follows because that’s the opposite of expression – at least that’s been my experience.

How I make sense of this is that fear has a positive intent.

It is designed to keep you safe.

It is an act of self-love.

It’s just uncomfortable to experience right?!


Fear closes us off from life.

It wants us to play small.

To retreat from opportunities.

Because they’re unknown.

But fears overcome are transformations.

If a caterpillar was afraid, it would never cocoon and butterfly.

You are not designed to retreat.

You can if you want but that’s not for me.

I want to grow and develop so I can impact more people positively.

So I choose to believe you and I are here to to grow so we can experience more life!

Knowing fear won’t disappear, you just learn to show courage in the presence of fear.

And open up to life.

I think that’s transformation.

What do you think?

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