All is changed, changed utterly! Is it for the better??



It’s funny how people, jobs and circumstances can dramatically change you from one year to the other. 

You might lose you job, end a relationship and lose some one close to you or go through a patch of illness. It’s amazing how this can change you, sometimes for the better, and other times not so much!

It’s important to realize though that sometimes all of us go through challenging periods, we all lose people we are close to, we are all in an uncertain job market, yes there’s a recession the list goes on….. BUT… There’s nothing we can do about some of these things. All we have power over is how we REACT to these events. All we have power over is our response to what happens.

The formula E + R = O sums this up. E is event, R is reaction or response and O is outcome. All we have power over is the R part of the equation – our response. Choose a better response to the event that happens and you’ll get a different, maybe even better Outcome!

So if you’ve changed from who you were last year, is it for the better? How have you let circumstances change you? And if you’ve changed is there a better response to what has happened that can help you to be more positive, give you power and help make the next year, and the changes it brings, be a more positive experience for you and everyone you come in contact with? 

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