Embrace life like a child – it’s the only choice we’ve got!

ImageI love how children embrace life and experiences fully and let the joy show on their faces!! Children don’t stay down when they’re learning how to walk and fall down, they get back up because the goal of walking is too great for them! They are set on achieving it no matter what it takes! How inspiring is that!! Imagine if we were like that in our lives! 

If we embraced every experience like it was new, like we were kids experiencing it for the first time, how much would life improve? Things that were once mundane would have a new lease of life and add a new colour to it! 

We only get so many days in life, some books will say its roughly 29000 days. We cannot change when our day will come, so all we have control over is how colourful and joyful our lives are! Embrace life like a child, and life will never be the same! It will take on a new freshness that will help you to enjoy it more! 


Life is for living and embracing, love the life that you’re living and live a life you love! 


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2 thoughts on “Embrace life like a child – it’s the only choice we’ve got!

  1. I love this article! I was just thinking about this recently as I watched the joy on my children’s faces as they had fun with (and allowed themselves time to) enjoy the simple things in life. Great photo too.

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