Secret to Happiness – Tony Robbins idea


Listening to a Tony Robbins video this morning I thought it was really interesting about when he was speaking about Happiness and how to achieve it.

He talked about focusing on one area, some area in your life that you’re happy with today, and ask yourself why you’re happy with it? What about it makes you happy? It can be something like your financial situation, your health, your job, your relationships.

He said that when our life conditions in that area are equal to or greater than you story or expectations about this area you will feel happy.

If your blueprint is to be fit, strong and full of energy and you’re at this stage you will be happy, and you should be! If your blueprint was to be a supermodel and you were just fit, strong and full of energy, you won’t be as happy.

Unhappiness then is when your an area of your life is currently less than your expectations. This causes anger, stress, unhappiness, pain and doubts.

Sometimes your expectations or the story you tell yourself are completely unrealistic and need to be changed to motivate yourself. I’m not saying to lower your expectations or sell yourself short or not push yourself. I’m saying that when we change our expectations slightly to encourage you to take more action, this builds momentum and can propel you to greater heights than setting the unrealistic goal first and trying to work towards it!

Growth towards your expectations can motivate and inspire you so that you move from unhappiness to happiness in the areas of your life.

Do something today that will take you closer to your expectations in ONE area of your life. Let me know how you get on!

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