Choose to be happy!


I love this quote about happiness. Too often we look outside ourselves for a source or happiness and we forget that happiness can be found inside ourselves!

Happiness isn’t this place you get to. Happiness is the choice to be happy along the journey of your life.

The power is yours whether you choose to be happy or choose to let things get to you and take away your happiness. Focus on your breathing, will this situation be such a big deal in 50 years time? No? Then find a way to smile about it! It’s not always easy and sometimes we can know what to do and be so caught up in our environment that we forget to be happy but if there’s no happiness in life, what’s the point??

Make the choice to take a breath today when something annoys you, when work gets stressful and smile about it knowing there’s a lesson that is being taught to you and that you are more than your environment!

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