Create a powerful morning routine for success!


It’s amazing when you think how habitual things become when you do them day in and day out! Do you know which hand you brush your teeth with? Neither do I! Our subconscious mind does most of our daily tasks so that we can consciously enjoy what we choose to think about, or get caught up in!

This is why creating powerful and positive habits in your morning routine can have such an impact on your day. Your mind becomes tuned into the positives rather than the negatives and because this becomes your habits through repetition you will automatically or subconsciously do it so that you don’t have to keep thinking about it!

Some powerful things to start your mornings:

Journal – even just to brain dump first thing in the morning this can have powerful benefits for the rest of your day clearing out your head to make room for the day ahead! It’s also incredibly healing and you will feel the benefit of this on your mindset.

Run or exercise! – this gets your body vibrating and woken up after a few hours asleep and it definitely helps your mindset when this becomes habitual! You’ll feel greater self esteem sticking to exercising in the mornings and sticking to the routine!

Practice gratitude – a thought in the morning of gratitude for people and experiences in your life can set you up with a positive and powerful mindset for the rest of the day! When you do this every day you’ll create the habit and you’ll do it unconsciously – looking for the best in everything and appreciating everything in your life!

Just a few things that you can easily implement in your morning routine – let me know how you get on!!

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