January Blues and how to rise above!


Yesterday 18th January is supposed to be the day that everyone’s January Blues kicks in and the mood is normally palpable!

It comes about, I think, for a few reasons. First we’ve set new years resolutions and have probably broken them already, so feel like it’s over and just give up, not realising you’re only 18 days into the new year!

Second any new habits we wanted to follow this year we haven’t given time to form and become habit, and so get frustrated when we dip back to old habits!

Third we’re probably waiting on payday at the end of the month, as it’s been a while since you’ve seen money go into your account and have had to hold off from going out over Christmas and meeting friends because you’ve no cash to spend.

There’s loads of reasons I’m sure. I think for me it comes down to where have I come, where am I now, am I happy with it? If yes then keep going, if not then change something and spend time figuring it out what’s making you unhappy and then create a plan to change it.

I normally try to set goals around this time, making sure they’re aligned to what I actually value in life, rather than –  “I want a shiny new car” say something like – “I want to make a difference in people’s lives this year by motivating and inspiring them through personal coaching”.  Big difference!

Another thing I do and try to remind people is count your successes by keeping a success journal. Write down everything you’re proud of achieving, on a weekly, monthly basis and you’ll be surprised how many things you’ll be able to think of! For some people, getting out of bed on a weekday is a success, no matter how small, write them down and appreciate all the successes!

I think January Blues are a time to gather your thoughts, see where you are and decide where you’re going. So if you’re uneasy it’s a sign that you want to control your destiny so there’s nothing wrong with that!! Take back control by writing your story rather than reacting to someone else’s!

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