You’re not special – everyone is!

Quick post today! Heard the statement the other day while reading some self development literature online: “You’re not special, everyone is”

It struck me with it’s simplicity and brilliance! Too often we think that the world owes us everything because we’re special. That the world owes us success, wealth, life, children, accessories, things, holidays… the list goes on and on. I often think the world owes me all of these things!

We think that, I’m special because I’m good at this skill, or I’m a confident speaker so I’m special. Special compared to who?

Everyone has talents, skills and qualities that make them special! The fact that we’re all different and have something different to offer the world shows us how special individually we can be. Imagine if we realised and explored this greatness in everyone we meet?

That’s why I love speaking to different people. You become exposed to so many different ideas, thoughts and life experiences that you realise everyone has special things about them and everyone deserves to show the world this part of themselves.

So yes you’re special, but so is everyone else! Go speak to some people you’ve not spoken to before, ask that person you see daily about their life, ask your grandparents about their childhood and what they think their best qualities are. You’ll realise the greatness around you in each and every person you meet.


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