From darkness to light! Failure to success! Good to great!


Imagine you can see no way out. No light at the end of the tunnel. Everything you’ve tried has resulted in failure. Everyone you’ve met has said no to your crazy dreams and ideas.

You take it personally. You think that you’re a failure. You can only see your mistakes and feel you can do nothing right. That you’ve nothing to offer the world. That your dreams and goals are unachievable.

And yet, somewhere deep inside, you feel this untapped potential, this glimmer of brilliance. If only someone could see it, or open this magnificence up! Oh how the world would be a different place!

How your ideas and dreams would bring so much to the world! How unstoppable you’d be if you could reduce your limiting beliefs, build your confidence and increase your skills to go after your goals and dreams.

We all have this potential. We all have brilliance within us. We just need to find the key to unlocking this potential and changing our lives from good to great!

I’ve been there. I’ve felt like a failure, like nothing I can do is right or working. I’ve doubted myself, and my goals and my dreams. I’ve felt like I don’t deserve success and other people deserve it more. That they were lucky. It was right place right time for them, but that’d never work for me!

And then, when I was being coached one night, it clicked. I realised my limiting beliefs. I had created new empowering beliefs. I realised my purpose, my “why” for achieving my goals and now had a new powerful energy for achieving them! This energy had a focus and direction.

I was a more exposed, more vulnerable but more myself person than I’d ever been! I walked out of that session knowing who I was, what I was about and what I wanted to bring to the world! It was incredible!

It won’t always be easy, you will doubt yourself and your dreams. But you have this greatness within you, gifts only you can bring to the world! You deserve success and you deserve to bring your gifts to the world! Find your key to unlocking your success and go from a good life, to a great life!

5 thoughts on “From darkness to light! Failure to success! Good to great!

      1. I just find it really inspirational. Like the way that you showed that the common man has so much potential was brilliant. I also loved that you said that it is okay to fail and everyone fails at one time or another, but we just need to get back on our feet and realize our capability. It was a really nicely worded post 🙂

      2. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m glad that came across to you, because I was there a few times, I’ve failed but there’s always a way forward and that’s what I think people need to know!! I’m glad you commented, have an awesome day and I hope you enjoy future posts, I appreciate the feedback!

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