I will, just watch me

i will just watch me

My goal in life is “to use my passion and positivity to help motivate and inspire others, to reach their full potential and to trust and love others”.

I do this, I hope, through my writing, coaching, speaking and recording videos that motivate, inspire and give messages of hope and encouragement. My passion is to help unblock potential in others and help uncover the blocks to this and break through the fears that hold people back.

I take massive action and motivate myself towards my goals and do the same for the people I coach.When I cycled from Dublin to Rome to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society I wanted to show people I could walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

If I speak about setting big, scary and exciting goals and tell you that you can do it, it’s because I believe in people’s potential and can say, if I’ve done some of the things I’ve done, anyone can do what they put their mind to!

I had a coaching session this evening with my coach, and some interesting topics came up around coaching and my passion for it! I felt refreshed, excited and scared after the session but only because I realised my reasons WHY I want to be successful as a coach and the urgency with which I want to make this difference.

My reason why is so that I can impact as many people as possible with my passion to make life changing differences in their lives. I believe in everyone’s greatness on an individual and collective level. It’s exciting to think of the potential that is hiding within you if only we could tap into it!

I will, just watch me!

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