Keep your thoughts positive

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I love this by Mahatma Gandhi. I’m a big believer in uncovering your habits – both good and bad – and removing or limiting the bad habits and increasing and giving power to the good ones!

In this quote I think Gandhi has perfected the internal process – control your thoughts, words and behaviour towards yourself and this can become your destiny! If you’re kind to yourself in your thoughts about yourself, compassionate about your errors, speak well of yourself and not put yourself down and make this a habit – imagine the difference this will have for you!

I think it’s interesting to flip this around aswell and focus on how this can benefit the people you come in contact with. If you control your thoughts, your words and behaviour towards other people imagine the difference this can have in their lives!

It’s almost like a pay it forward. Focus internally on your internal habits towards yourself, but also focus on these habits of thinking and acting towards other people! You could change someone’s world!

Imagine someone you’re not totally a fan of and normally act distant or negative towards. Imagine changing these internal thoughts, words and behaviours towards them and the difference this new renewed relationship could bring?

Imagine your thoughts about them were incorrect and they surprised you once you saw them in this new light? Imagine they were feeling negative, worthless and not adding any value and you now see something in them that they start to believe in for themselves! It’s incredible when we make these shifts internally and then pay it forward with people we come in contact with, how it can change lives.


So – what are you going to do? Are you going to read this and do nothing or can you change your thoughts, words and behaviours towards someone today? Tomorrow? This week? Imagine the difference it could make in their life? Imagine if you could save someone’s life?

I’ve done a video here about how we can gather knowledge all day long about personal development but until we take ACTION and create habits then all the information isn’t any good!

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