You matter – more than you’ll ever know!

you matter

I think we all have times in our lives where we’re not feeling our usual selves. Like there’s a shadow over our thinking and we doubt ourselves, our reason for being here.

I’ve been there, years ago as a teenager I questioned what purpose I served, what the point of me being alive was and I thought this was a bad thing. I thought that having these thoughts was also bad and I beat myself up for having these thoughts.I knew there was something in me that needed to be expressed through my existence.

So if you flip these negative thoughts and turn it around – there’s a positive side to questioning your reason for existing. You call this finding your purpose! So when I was having these thoughts I realised – I’m looking for my purpose in life, what I can express and the value I can bring to life rather than get from life.

So when I tried some different careers, got exposed to some different ideas and experiences, I found what I’m passionate about and what I think my purpose is! I shared previously my goals and I think this sums up my purpose in life, at least I think so anyway!

So what’s your purpose? What can you bring to the world that it doesn’t have? What is special about you?

If you’re feeling down about not knowing what to do in life that’s fine! Accept this. Be grateful that you realise you want something better and want the opportunity to give more to life. We’re not happy all of the time, this is the dichotomy of life, to be happy there has to be times of sadness, to have light there has to be dark. A little philosophical but important to realise! If we were happy all of the time how would we know? What would we be comparing it to?

We all deserve to find our purpose and it’s a journey rather than a destination! Accept where you are, realise what talents and gifts you have and find your way to make the world a better place. Take responsibility for where you are and know only you can improve it! Take consistent daily action towards your goals and keep on keeping on!

You matter – more than you will ever know!


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