Self Belief, Learning and Confidence

I recorded this video earlier on today and just wanted to comment on some of the themes in this because they’re worth reflecting on!

A friend of mine sent me a message saying that he recognised my self belief and self confidence, and wanted to know how I got here through self-learning!

Self-learning I think is more like self-awareness and discovering the positive and negative parts of your personality, as well as your motivators and limiting beliefs. I’ve spent so many years reading and learning about personal development and used this to understand more about myself as I went through my life.

My passion is being able to help other people understand this for themselves and this is why I love coaching. I love the idea that with increased self-belief and self-confidence that more potential that is inside ourselves can be realised and benefit the world!

I love the idea that with increased self-belief and self-confidence that more potential that is inside ourselves can be realised and benefit the world!

Self-belief I think comes from reflecting on our successes in the past and looking forward to successes in the future. Reflecting on times you’re proud of what you’ve done, and being grateful for the opportunities and lessons learned can be powerful in making you develop more self-awareness and develop a greater belief in your abilities.

This is a journey, not a destination. You don’t suddenly arrive at having self-belief. It’s the journey that makes it exciting and interesting as you uncover more of your personality and more understanding into who you are.

This is a journey, not a destination.

This is why self-learning is an interesting thought and an exciting journey to go on throughout your life. How can you learn more about yourself? How can you learn your motivators? How can you learn what holds you back?

One of the things I mention in this video is journalling and using the wheel of life as a check-in with yourself to see where you can improve and what you can be grateful for. Often this can help us realise our successes and things we can reflect on to make us feel better about ourselves, but also our abilities and achievements. This increases your self-belief and self-confidence and so is a great use of time in the morning as a routine to set you up for the day ahead!

The other thing I mention is to focus on things in your control, rather than the things that aren’t in your control. So you can control writing in your journal, practicing gratitude, but you can’t control other people making you feel good. What if the other people don’t turn up? You’d be at the mercy of other people, rather than deciding to control your emotions yourself!

I think this is a huge part to play in our feelings, and I always think of it as taking back the remote control of your life! Instead of other people owning it and being able to press the buttons to control your feelings, take back the remote and press the buttons yourself to control how you feel! Journalling and gratitude are great ways to do this!

Take back the remote control of your life!

The other thing I mention in this is to be ok with failure. If we gave up as kids, as easily as we give up these days, we’d not have kept trying to walk. We’d stay on the floor and crawl around rather than trying again.

Success in life I think is from learning to get back up after falling down. There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. So use this as feedback to try again, try different and learn some more! Confidence comes from relying on yourself to handle whatever comes up, this only comes from being tested when things go wrong, overcoming this and moving on. So don’t be afraid of failure, it’s a fact of life and it proves you’re trying 🙂

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

I hope you found this useful and if there’s things you do to feel higher levels of self-belief, self-confidence I’d love to hear these!



3 thoughts on “Self Belief, Learning and Confidence

  1. Brilliant. I’m coaching a group of women right now and just yesterday we did an exercise similar to your wheel of life. Very cool to see how you are applying it! And I hadn’t seen the idea of focusing on the positive in a graphic form like that. I love it!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I just thought of it during a coaching session and wanted to share it! I think it’s useful and helps people know it’s ok to be sad, but also there’s things you can do when you are!

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