#LittleCoachingTip #1: E + R = O

Event + Response = Outcome

I’ve posted about this formula previously – but I think it’s a useful formula to remember because of it’s simplicity and also the number of times you can use it to challenge your habitual habits and choose a better response to give you a better outcome.

If events or situations happen that your instant reaction is to get angry or frustrated or any other negative mood or state – ask yourself “What else could this mean?” or “How can I choose my response rather than just react?”

We can’t control the events, we can only control our reactions. So don’t focus on where you have no power and feel out of control. Take responsibility for choosing your reaction and focus on this part that you have control.

Typical responses could be “The weather is terrible, I’ll have to stay inside all day” instead could be “The weather is terrible, it’s great I’ll get to hang out with friends!” Same event, 2 different responses and one with a much better outcome I think!

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