The future is change, the antidote is learn

The rate of change is quoted as being the fastest it’s ever been. The social and cultural dynamics are in a constant state of flux.

During change, we spend time processing the change, what was and what is to become from the change.

We do this processing cognitively.

We also go through some physiological shifts in reaction to this processing.

We may miss the speed at which we used to be able to do the old process and feel clunky and awkward when trying the new process.

We may miss our old team as we transfer to a new team.

We may be unsure of our new teams norms and uncomfortably be a little quieter as we figure out the nuances.

If we become a manager or leader, the same and different dynamics play out – we become less individual-output focused and more on our people and influence skills.

This all takes navigating our emotions. Learning how is a useful endeavour both building the knowledge but then applying the wisdom.

Helping others to be able to do this change and learning cycle is then the next part of our growth.

The future is change. There’s a physical and cognitive component. Are you ready?

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