Our character is crafted in times of challenge. Make sure it’s not accidental.

I’ve never experienced a more collective, challenging time for people than this year.

Everyone has been affected in some way this year, some more than others.

Despite it being difficult, this is also an opportunity to craft who we are and what we stand for – our character.

Our character used to be carved into a statue or written on a piece of art to show who had been the creator.

Would you stamp your character onto your life at the moment?

Are you proud of what it represents?

There are already things your character may represent:

  • Hard working
  • Friendly to strangers
  • Distracted when talking to people because you’re on your phone
  • Kind
  • Reactive rather than proactive
  • Great parent
  • Honest
  • Reliable

Do the little things, the character habits, that contribute towards your character today, or this week or in the New Year.

  • Exercise when you said you would and push to your limits
  • Tell the truth or at least don’t lie
  • Keep commitments, to yourself and others
  • Finish what you start
  • Do what you should do before you do what you want to do

Start by making your bed.

Self-esteem, how we feel about ourselves, is based on these character habits. Build your self-esteem by keeping them.

We need you at your best.

Start by figuring out who that is by crafting it daily. If I can help, get in touch.

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