Focus on your systems, not goals

Focus on your systems not goals.

The British cycling team have the same goal as any other cycling team: to win in the Olympics.

They started to achieve much more success when they focused on tiny marginal gains throughout their system surrounding their cyclists.

  • A surgeon was hired to teach them how to was their hands so they didn’t get as many colds.
  • The inside of the trucks carrying the bikes were painted white so dust & debris could be seen, removed & not interfere with the bikes.
  • The mattresses & pillows were all consistent no matter where they were racing so sleep was maximised.

The goal stayed the same, as it did for the other countries taking part.

Their systems were the focus & the outcome was success.

We create goals like get fitter, lose weight, read more etc. but spend less time on the actions we can take to make progress towards these things.

We spend more time on feeling bad we’re not getting closer!

Once you achieve a goal it’s done. If you wait until you achieve a goal to feel happy, it is out of your daily control.

Systems are for life.

We will benefit from falling in love with the process and improving the process instead, so success in whatever that means to you, is more likely.

What do you think?

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