You’ve got greatness within you!


The most money I’ve ever made singing was €1000 in a Stars in their Eyes Competition a few years ago. I only sang one song for this money, Justin Timberlake’s Lovestoned. I had an amazing time performing this song and was so surprised when I won as I had enjoyed the performance so much!

I’ve won other competitions since and won more money but that competition and €1000 stands out because of how hard I had worked at singing to get to that point… I still have a photocopy of the cheque framed on my wall as it’s the first time I had earned money for singing!

At a gig on Saturday, a guy who saw me in my FIRST gig years ago came up to speak to me after my set, My first gig was a gig where I was stopped after half an hour because I hadn’t prepared enough, I sang badly and I had been humiliated for being stopped so quickly after starting. This guy came up to me and said how proud he was to see how hard I had worked since that first gig he saw me fail in… He said he had slagged me and laughed and thought I didn’t have it in me to improve and he was so happy I had proved him wrong.. He put a €5 note under my drink and told me to buy a drink for myself. So far this is the best money I’ve ever earned singing… I gig and play music most weekends, but this €5 helped me realise the jouney I had gone on, how far I had come, and how much I want to achieve in the future aswell.

Believe you can do whatever it is you want to do in life and prove the people who say you can’t wrong… You’ve got greatness within you and you deserve success 🙂

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