Goal setting


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about motivation and living a life of passion, and sometimes it’s bloody hard!! I’m working in a 9 – 5 job, I’m earning enough to survive and I’m studying part time to become a Life and Business Coach. I am passionate about motivation, inspiration, self development, self esteem and helping people excel in each of these areas.

And yet sometimes it’s hard to motivate myself!! I’m my own best and worst client sometimes and sometimes I feel I’m coaching myself and doubting myself all at the one time!

Recently however watching a video of how to set up a business based on your PASSION, that I realised now that I had a GOAL of something towards this, that my motivation improved and my mood improved and I felt better in my 9 – 5 aswell. I know it’s not permanent and that it’s giving me the means to study what I really love and not have to worry about bills being paid so I’m grateful to have it! However, I also know that my career will be helping people achieve the lives they were born to live, and that you deserve to live this life, full of passion, positivity and purpose!

So one thing I’ve learned this week anyway is to have a goal, no matter how small or large, have something to work towards and get excited about! Your mood will improve and things will happen to help and challenge you towards your goal.

They say its better to have a goal in front of you instead of behind you. I say write a goal, be challenged by it, be encouraged by it, grow through it and appreciate the journey towards achieving it because you will achieve it, once you make up your mind and if you follow a plan. I’ve written a blog about goal setting hereso il be taking my own advice and applying it soon, I hope you do the same!! Share your goals here and I’d love to help you achieve them!!

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