Enjoy the journey!



Success in life comes in many forms for many people.  Different people have different ideas for success!

No matter what your idea of success, once you have the goal in mind, it’s a matter of baby steps until you get there. Sometimes there will be people to help you take these baby steps, like when you were learning to walk. Other times you’ll have to take the baby steps on your own. You will reach your goal and you will achieve success.

One of the things I’m reading at the moment is on Gratitude and the Law of giving and receiving – it’s a book called 29 Gifts. Each day for 29 days you give one thing a day – it can be a smile, a thank you note etc. and you keep a journal of what you’ve given, but also what you’ve received in the day. It’s important to have a sense of gratitude for how much you actually receive in life.

Towards your goal, the achievement of the goal is important and a fantastic feeling when you achieve your goal, but it’s also important to appreciate the journey, the things you learn along the way and the baby steps you’ve had to take along the way.

Someday looking back, it’ll make for fantastic stories for your grand kids!!

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