The Power of Now – live in the moment and love your moments!



As part of my Life and Business Coaching course we would have monthly assignments to read a certain book. The diversity of the books was amazing and the challenges and learnings from the books incredible! This month the book was on the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

This book challenged me and pushed me to live a life fully  in the moment. Life becomes richer when you’re completely focused on what you’re currently doing.  The past is something you can’t do anything about and most of the time it’s focused on what has gone wrong or what didn’t work out. When we think about the future it’s normally about what could go wrong!! All the past and future do is focus your mind on negatives!! If we focused on the moment we were in, the moment is perfect as it is, there is nothing wrong right now, I know I have to put on  a wash later on this evening, but right now I have a perfect moment. 

Buddhist monks would use menial tasks as meditation and focus completely on their work and find this incredibly satisfying. While I don’t enjoy cleaning and ironing I am going to try to find the experience as beneficial as possible later on by focusing on the moment and on my breathing. When I’m singing I focus on the feel of the strings of the guitar, the words I’m singing and the people around me completely and I know this makes it a better experience for my audience and me! 

Find meaning in everything you do and focus completely on the task at hand and you will experience a richer experience. Dealing with customers all day in work is sometimes challenging for me and taking a deep breath in between customers and saying “That customer is gone, don’t leave their negativity with you, focus on the new moment and new customer”. I find this helps me bring a new energy to the interactions and this energy is palpable and people pick up on it because they know you’re completely focused on them! 

Life is full of moments, love every moment of your life as the moments are all we have! 

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