Are you caught in the Monkey Trap??



I heard about this monkey trap story today at my coaching course and thought it was fantastic!! 

Monkeys are caught for food in certain parts of the world using Coconuts some way up a tree tied to the side of it. A hole is cut into the side of the Coconut just big enough for the monkey’s hand to fit into. There is rice put inside  the coconut for the monkey to try to grab. 

As the monkey puts their hand into the Coconut, their hand is now holding the rice and is too big to get through the hole again. The monkey doesn’t know to let go of the rice and holds onto the rice until a person comes along and hits them over the head with a club to cook for food!! 

Horrible story for our monkey friends but an interesting lesson in life for us from this story. What do we hold onto that holds us back, that stops us being free and limits our lives? We all have doubts and fears that we hold onto to justify our inaction and staying in the same place.

So let go of everything that is holding you back, face your fears and do the things that will take you closer to your goals despite the fears!! 


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    1. Thank you for sharing Natali! Your pictures are amazing 🙂 looking forward to seeing more in your blog and hope you will take a look at mine and enjoy it also 🙂

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