Job security is up to you!


Last Friday I got some challenging news from my manager in the bank. I’m currently on a 2 year Graduate program and have had a good experience but I know that banking is not for me and I’ll leave the negatives I could speak about for a chat over a coffee!

I was told my contract will be ending in December and that due to head count they can’t keep me on. The branch manager I know thinks the world of me and I know I would be kept if it was up to her. BUT… This is my kick up the arse… This is my universe screaming at me to do what I love which is Coaching and Motivating people to live lives they love and to experience life at its best!! How can I do that in a job I don’t like?!?! So this has become a blessing in disguise!

Now I’m going to take charge of my destiny, I’m going to tackle my goals and dreams full on with no distractions. Life is for living not surviving and I plan on living it to the full… Yes I’m scared but I know it’s exciting aswell to be working towards my dreams and into a career I’m designing for myself! I will enjoy sharing my journey and self development with the rest of you amazing people out there!!

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