Who do you inspire?

ImageWho do you inspire? Do you inspire yourself? And does your personality / actions / life inspire others to do the same? 

One of the things that came up in a coaching session for me was if I want to be inspirational I have to inspire myself first. This can come from reading about inspirational people, meditating, walking in nature, being creative like song writing for me, listening to motivational speakers… For me these are the things I do that work and help bring me back to myself. 

For me to inspire I must inspire myself and these help with that. Another way is to be a leader of love – show love and BE love. In your life you should represent love, you should express the love inside you – it’s there you just need to feel it!! Get out of your head and into your heart, you’ll feel it don’t worry 🙂 

Become fascinated by other people, you will never know all the answers, other people can teach you SO much so speak to people and learn from them. Assume rapport with people you don’t know, they will feel like they know you and the conversation will be so much easier! You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them in that ratio and you will have great conversations! 

Are you passionate about your life? Do you love it? Find things to do that you are passionate about and then fall in love with your life!! 

In The 4 Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz speaks about being “Impeccable with your word,” which means speaking the truth. We get so caught up in our Ego and try to keep up with appearances with what we do and say. Speak the truth, it’s worth it! 

Being empathetic means putting yourself in other people’s shoes and trying to understand their perspectives. It’s a powerful lesson to be able to experience something like someone else. People appreciate you looking at their journey standing beside them and fully understanding it from their perspective.

Do you give to others? Your time, conversations, energy? Can you make time for others? The greatest gift you can give other people is your time, and this means QUALITY time! Be fully present when you’re with people. Don’t worry about what you’ve to do at home when you get back, just BE there when you’re there. Giving can also be something as simple as a smile. Turn them frowns upside down 🙂 

Share your experiences, show your weaknesses, BE REAL…. We all have stories that show our flaws, noone is perfect… Don’t be afraid of your imperfections! 

Be there for people when they need you, sometimes people are afraid to ask for help and when they do, it’s taken a lot of courage to do so. Accommodate this! Be kind to people who ask for your help.

And lastly, be strong – be an inspiration to others by the life that you live and the example that you show! Be strong for other people so they can admit their weaknesses and know that you will be there for them.


Who can you inspire today? Let me know how you get on!


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