Lessons in life from cycling at night!


I’m cycling from Ireland to Rome in Italy this year to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. I’ve never cycled before and only bought the bike in November, but I’ll be cycling nearly 2000km in less than 2 weeks.

I was out training tonight cycling after work to meet a friend in the next town from me. We would continue on from there doing a loop and come back home then. I had to cycle the first part on my own. It was getting dark and the wind picked up this afternoon so I was expecting a breeze but on your own it feels worse!

There will be times when all you can rely on is yourself and you’ve got to believe in yourself 110% at times like this, even though you know it’s hard!!

You will feel like giving up sometimes, but just keep going, you’ll get further with every step or spin of the pedal and move towards your goal with a stronger mindset than you had before the challenge.

Just keep going…

If you focus on the destination you’ll miss the scenery. Look around you. Experience life around you! Life is happening all the time, become aware of it and mindful that you’re a part of it and you’ve got a part of it to play!!

Life is easier and more fun sharing the experience with someone else. And so is cycling!! You can go so far on your own but having someone beside you, pushing you on and encouraging you, you will achieve more and stretch yourself more!

There will be challenges and things that scare you. Especially in the dark, my biggest fear on the bike is dogs running after me. This is a fear to overcome and not to get defeated by it or I’d never get up on the bike!! Things will come to test you but you’re stronger (and faster on the bike to outrun them) so don’t give up!!

When you set a destination as your goal, you might only be able to see 40 metres in front of you at night with your lights, but if you keep going, you’ll travel further than you think!!

Enjoy your own company and get used to being your number one fan. My mam and girlfriend are my biggest fans, but when they’re not around and I’m on my own, I’ve got to believe in myself! Setting goals, achieving them and overcoming obstacles along the way is the best way to build this self belief so keep going and achieve your goals!!

I’m beside you, I believe in you and your greatness!!

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