Beliefs – do they serve you or hold you back?


During a coaching session this week we came to the topic of beliefs and how they can empower you to take action towards your goals! It was fascinating discussing this person’s potential and how a shift in their beliefs would propel them forward!

Before this though we had to look at the beliefs that held this person back. What we think is possible for ourselves, and other people, all comes down to the beliefs we hold.

To strengthen your beliefs in an area you have to have examples of where that belief is true. To reduce the power of a belief you have to come up with examples of where it’s false.

If you want to have confidence in an area you have to believe in your abilities, which comes from these examples of where you’ve succeeded in that area OR overcome the obstacles in the past in this area.

I have a strong belief in my ability to play music in front of any audience because for the last 10 years I’ve played music 3 nights a week and made every mistake possible but overcome this. So I have hundreds of examples of where I’ve played music successfully, or overcame obstacles and failure. This increases my confidence and belief in myself in this area.

Before Roger Bannister ran a 4 minute mile, everyone thought this was impossible! Even scientists thought that this was above what the human body was capable of. What Roger did was break down the belief of it being possible and created a new, empowering belief. He knew that if he could run a quarter mile in under 1 minute and could repeat this 4 times, he’d have run a 4 minute mile. This was his new belief and he achieved this goal. After he had done the impossible, high school kids were able to do this. It was always believed to be impossible, but once someone did it, it became possible.

I find this fascinating because I’m interested in potential and untapping this by breaking down beliefs, and building up confidence and beliefs to empower you to take action towards your goals.

So what beliefs do you have that you want to strengthen? What examples can you come up with, or start getting now to build on this belief?

What beliefs do you think hold you back and how can you start building examples of where they’re NOT true to reduce the power this belief has over you?

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