Life is how you react, not what happens to you!


I did a post on resilience and why it’s important a while back and it is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about over the weekend and wanted to share some thoughts.

Shit happens – to all of us. It’s a fact of life that there will be periods of your life where you’ll be stretched and pushed to the limits of what you thought you were able to cope with.

Self awareness of what our minds are doing at the time a stressful event happens is so important. Focusing on your body, breathing, muscle tension, mental imagery etc. during these times of stress is so important and this will help you regulate what you’re currently experiencing.

This is a skill, but one you can pick up easily and, with practice, can be extremely effective at. Checking in regularly during the day with your mood, emotions and body will help you notice when you need to react / respond differently than you currently are.

If what we’re experiencing is not what we want, then choose something different. You always have a choice. Can’t cope right now? Walk away, take a breath or 17, listen to music, put it into perspective – in 50 years will this matter? – realise you are greater than the situation and it’s here to teach you something so treat it in that way.

We cannot control what happens to us – only our reaction to what happens to us. So once you know that shit can happen, but that you’ve power over how you respond, then you realise where your power is. And that you have the power within you to cope with anything.

There are people who have been extremely resilient, mentally strong and emotionally well despite incredibly difficult events happening to them. Events we can’t begin to imagine happening to us. Events we can’t imagine coping with. And yet – someone has coped with it, so that means if you learned the skills you can cope too.

I’m not undermining people’s reactions to events – I’m just trying to raise awareness that there is ALWAYS another possible reaction – positive or negative. Learning to check in with yourself, and CHOOSING your reaction rather than just reacting gives you back the power you deserve to have.



So – what are you going to do after reading this? Are you going to read this and do nothing or react differently because of it and put it into practice?

I’ve done a video here about how we can gather knowledge all day long about personal development but until we take ACTION and create habits then all the information isn’t any good!

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