Who can you help?



In life many of us set goals and things we’d like to achieve. Some of us write these down, for others it’s a thought or image of the ideal scenario. You might achieve a goal of getting something, of doing something or of being something.

Along the way of achieving these things, there are people and things that will come into your path to help you, to challenge you, to guide you and to teach you. The people there to help you are to help you be appreciative, the challenges are there to be overcome, the things that guide you are there to be listened to and they all come together to teach you something about life, about yourself and about the world we live in.

If someone else is looking at achieving a goal, how can you help them? What can you do to make their goal easier to achieve? How can you support them, encourage them, motivate them? Imagine if instead of speaking negatively about how bad life is, how there’s no jobs, how the government are making bad decisions etc, etc, etc, we said to one another MOTIVATING things, INSPIRING things, ENCOURAGING things. Imagine how much easier this would be if you came into contact with this person, and imagine how good it would be if you could be that person? 

What can you do today to be this person for someone?

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